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Olly and Sian stand in front of a croft house with their dog Mungo

Olly and Siân moved to North Ronaldsay in 2019, with Siân taking up the role of Sheep Dyke Warden, repairing the 200 year old dry stone wall that encircles the island. They soon fell in love with the island's native seaweed-eating sheep, taking 2 bottle-fed lambs in the spring of 2020, named Pancakes and Cocoa. From there their flock and love for them continues to grow. 

North Ronaldsay Forever Flock

The sheep featured in the 'adopt a seaweed-eating sheep' package are part of a project that celebrates their unique seaweed diet combined with conservation grazing and vegetarian sheep products. 


In the summer of 2021 they bought a croft called Milldam, where they will be raising dairy cows, goats, pigs, chickens and the sheep. The croft house is undergoing renovation and in the mean time they live in a cosy Shepherd's hut. Olly now works for the college in Kirkwall, for Scottish Water and the Fire Service.  In their spare time they both enjoy the wild swimming and spending time with their animals.


They are passionate regenerative farming and low waste living, and have founded the social enterprise Transition North Ronaldsay. Their aim is to provide organically grown fruit and vegetables to the community and recycled the island's beach plastic waste.


Siân works with the island's mini wool mill to spin her yarns, the wool is sourced from the communally managed flock on North Ronaldsay, which are hand clipped in July. She then hand dyes them, using responsibly foraged botanicals and organic natural extracts, at the croft. Siân hopes to offer limited edition yarns from the Forever Flock soon. Find her yarns on Ravelry.