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North Ronaldsay Forever Flock

The sheep featured in the 'adopt a seaweed-eating sheep' package are part of a project that celebrates their unique seaweed diet combined with conservation grazing and vegetarian sheep products. 


The island's "most wanted" sheep for jumping over the dyke and leading other sheep astray ... Pancakes is our loveable ram. He loves a cuddle and wagging his tail with enjoyment. He also likes to head-butt visitors and Olly, showing off to the ewes.





Cocoa is number one raisin fiend and has a distinctively deep baa. She'll come running from miles away to the sound of the raisin tin rattling, pushing every other sheep out the way to get the most raisins. She's been an incredible mum to Cerin and also taken Peanut under her wing.




Sweet by name, sweet by nature. Maple is a small wether (castrated male). His name originates from the tones of russet and auburn in his fleece reminding us of the colour of autumn maple leaves and syrup. His wide spaced eyes give him a constantly puzzled look, but we know deep down he is highly intelligent. 




Just like her mother (Cocoa), Cerin loves raisins and is our cuddliest sheep! Like a cat, she will curl up next to you. She's has 2 twisty Maleficent-like horns and beautifully soft black fleece. 





Wee Peanut loves following Cerin around. Despite his mum passing away he has gone from strength to strength and will gobble all the raisins when Cocoa's back is turned!