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Naturally Dyed Wool

How to look after your wool

Eventually, all natural dyes will fade- this is true of chemical dyes too! To ensure the long life of your naturally dyed wool, store out of sunlight in an airtight container when not being worn.

Wash with a gentle no rinse, ph neutral wool wash in cold - lukewarm water. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

Some natural dyes are sensitive to pH, colours may alter due to the pH of the water that you wash them in. 

Some dye may bleed a little when first washed, this is due to the natural behaviour of the wool and is to be expected with non-superwash yarns. Every effort is made to remove any plant material which may still be present after the dye process, a small amount may still remain.

 It is always recommended to create a swatch and then block it before doing before starting any project.

With indigo, it’s quite normal for the dye to ‘crock’ off a little when knitting with it as pressure is applied- this is the normal wearing process of indigo and not considered a fault. You can put a little dash of white vinegar into the rinsing bath to combat this as much as possible when you are ready to swatch and again when you block. Please take care when first wearing the item as friction can rub off the indigo onto other things (think new jeans!).

Colours are depicted as accurately as possible in photographs (it's hard!), but please note every computer monitor is different.